[How to make fried mushrooms with colored peppers?

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[How to make fried mushrooms with colored peppers?
]_How to do_Practice Daquan

Stir-fried mushrooms with colored peppers are a very common practice. Mushrooms are a relatively nutritious ingredient. Mushrooms contain many nutrients needed by the human body. The benefits of eating mushrooms are many. The usual practice of mushrooms is alsoThere are many mushrooms with different ingredients, and their nutritional value is also different. If mushrooms are paired with bell peppers, they are very delicious for eating rice and have comprehensive nutrition.

How to make fried mushrooms with colored peppers First of all, prepare the ingredients: mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, and pepper.

First remove the roots of the mushrooms, then tear them into small pieces, put them in clean water, wash them, and put them in a container aside for use.

Wash the green peppers and red peppers with water, cut into small pieces, and put them in a bowl and container together.

Take out two garlics, peel them, wash them, and cut the green onions. Cut them together with ginger and put them in a container.

The ingredients are now ready and ready for the next step.

Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, pour onion, ginger, and garlic to stir fry. When the fragrance is diffused, take out the mushroom pieces on the side, quickly pour into the pot, and stir fry.

Fry until the mushrooms are cooked.

After the mushrooms are cooked, add salt and stir-fry the soy sauce again.

In the last time, put in the green peppers on the side until they are fried.

After the stir-fry, the scent came out instantly, and when I saw such an appetite, I really wanted to open a small stove and prepare to eat immediately.

If the mushrooms are added to the pot, it will taste more delicious if they are added with soy sauce.

The green peppers are put back because they are cooked once fried, and the green peppers are added to the mushrooms to make them more appetizing.

What are the benefits of eating mushrooms regularly?

1. Lose Weight According to many studies, eating mushrooms regularly can help you lose weight.

This is because mushrooms are low in calories, so they are ideal for your weight loss.

Also, when cooking mushrooms, it’s important to use healthy cooking oils because they absorb oil when cooked.

It is recommended that you use coconut oil.

2. Improve nail and hair growth Selenium in mushrooms can help improve your hair and nails.

It can give you a healthy and beautiful skin and can help your body increase your metabolism.

3. Promote sperm health Since mushrooms contain antioxidants, zinc and selenium, they can ensure the strength and health of sperm.

If you’re ready for pregnancy, you can add mushrooms to your daily diet.

4, enhance immunity In order to prevent diseases and infections, you can often eat mushrooms, because regular consumption of their immunity will significantly improve.

In addition, mushrooms are very useful for relieving joint pain due to their powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Provide Vitamin D Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium absorption, it can improve bone and tooth health.

Mushrooms contain a lot of vitamin D, but if you want to help it absorb more of the sun’s vitamin D, you can leave the mushrooms in direct sunlight for 30-60 minutes before cooking.

6, good for the stomach and intestines The inhibitory effect of soluble fibers in mushrooms enables them to promote healthy bacteria in the tandem.

Doing so can improve your digestive health, reduce fatigue, and prevent weight gain.

Mushrooms can also reduce density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is good for people with diabetes.